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Official Elsevier website for the Society's journal.

Clinical Toxinology Resources Website
This relatively new site was launched in 2002. It contains taxonomic, distribution, venom, clinical effects, first aid, treatment and antidote information on a growing range of venomous and poisonous animals. The list of species covered is planned to cover all significant animal, plant and mushroom species worldwide. Currently the venomous snake section is the most complete, with all Viperid and Elapid species listed and many Atractaspid and Colubrid species. Some information is available to all, but currently the most detailed information is available only to subscribers. Subscriptions help support the cost of building and maintaining the site, most of which is driven by a vast database.

Links to important publications on clinical toxinology
South Australian Government - Department of Health - "Snakebite & Spiderbite : Management Guidelines for South Australia" [mirrored copy on this website]
World Health Organisation - Regional Office for Africa - "Guidelines for the Prevention and Clinical Management of Snakebite in Africa" [mirrored copy on this website]
World Health Organisation -Regional Office for South-East Asia - "Guidelines for the Management of Snake-bites" [mirrored copy on this website]
World Health Organisation - "WHO Guidelines for the Production Control and Regulation of Snake Antivenom Immunoglobulins" [mirrored copy on this website]

French Society on Toxinology
This society was founded in 1993, and celebrated 20 years in 2013. The Society hosts regular annual meetings and details including contact person may be found on their website at

Brazilian Society on Toxinology
This society was founded in March 1988, so celebrates 20 years in 2008, but can trace it's origins much further back, as Brazil has a long and illustrious tradition in toxinology and antivenom development and use. The Society's official website is in Portuguese.

SEARO Website
The South East Asian Regional Office of the World Health Organisation has supported a number of initiatives related to envenoming. The SEARO-WHO Guideline for Managing Snakebite is a multi-author work, headed by Prof. David Warrell, covering major aspects of snakebite throughout the region. It is a most important resource for those dealing with envenoming by SE Asian snakes.

Sea Snakes
A simple site from James Cook University, Australia, with specific information on sea snakes.

Australian Herpetology Online
A site run by noted herpetologist and toxinologist, David Williams, with links to other herpetology sites of interest.

Wolfgang Wuster
Wolfgang is a leading snake taxonomist and his site gives updates on venomous snake taxonomic changes, with his view about the changes. A very important resource for those interested in venomous snakes, be they venom researchers, herpetologists, or clinicians.

Venom & Toxin Database
A personal site written by Dr, Brian Grieg Fry.

Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center
A site listing information on poisoning and envenoming, the latter applicable to fauna and flora in the Center's hinterland. This PIC has a long tradition of excellence in managing envenoming, not surprising since Arizona is a "hotspot" for rattlesnake bite.

Australian Venom Research Unit
Founded in 1994 by the late Prof. Struan Sutherland, this unit is part of the University of Melbourne. They host a toxinology website focussing mostly on Australian venomous animals.

Natural Toxins Research Centre
An important venom research centre in the US, with a dedicated web site


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