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The International Society on Toxinology (IST) has established some special committees and working groups to advise on particular matters of importance to toxinology. The number and composition of these committees and working groups may change over time. In general they are each set up for a specific purpose and have a limited membership. The ongoing activities of these committees/groups will be notified to the general membership from time to time, as appropriate. There are also special interest groups within the IST.

For each committee or work group or special interest group there may be a Wiki Site setup (listed below). The wiki setup allows common development of text and other data and a blog system for ease of communication within each group.

Access to the IST Wiki sites is restricted to those on the committee/group. All persons authorised to participate in one or more of these groups will be provided with an individual username and password.

Guidelines for use of Wiki sites are available as a pdf document. Contact the Wiki site administrator for further information.

Code of Conduct

Use of the IST Wiki sites is conditional on participants agreeing to abide by the Code of Conduct for IST Wiki Sites, which is available on the Main Page of each Wiki site and on this page of the IST Website. To access a Wiki site, click on the appropriate link below and enter your username and password when prompted. By using this log-in you are deemed to have agreed to abide by the Code of Conduct for IST Wiki Sites.

Wiki Sites

IST Council Members

IST Snake Taxonomy Working Group

IST Student Group

IST Toxin Nomenclature Committee


Every IST Wiki site has been established on behalf of the International Society on Toxinology to further the interests of the Society in particular, and toxinology in general. The views expressed by participants should not be construed as representing the opinion of the IST or IST members or the wiki site administrator. In addition, each particular Wiki site has been established only to support the specific aims described on the Main Page of the Wiki site.







Guidelines for use of Wiki sites

Code of Conduct for IST Wiki Sites